Can Trazodone kill you?


In the case of a Trazadone overdose, death is possible but extremely rare, says MedLine Plus, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Though a Trazodone overdose may cause breathing problems, chest pain and neurological issues, complications from an overdose are also very rare.

An intentional overdose is not the only way that Trazodone may cause death. says that it is possible to die from Trazadone indirectly as a result of increased suicidal ideation. Trazadone comes with a black box warning which says that the drug is known to cause increased suicidality and should not be prescribed to children. The black box warning also advises that any patient on antidepressants should be closely monitored for behavioral changes, worsening symptoms and increased suicidal ideation. If a patient or his caregiver notice any behavioral changes, they should contact the prescribing doctor immediately or seek emergency help.

According to, the side effects of Trazodone include unexplained death, based on voluntary reports made by patients after the drug passed through FDA testing. Though this information is included in the Trazodone prescribing information as a courtesy to patients, as of 2014, no clinical study has linked unexplained death to using Trazodone as prescribed.

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