Can tsunamis be prevented?


Tsunamis are natural phenomena that can not be prevented. What can be prohibited, however, are a number of of the casualties and harm that tsunamis bring up. Tsunamis are founded by earthquakes or huge underwater mud slides.
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You can't.
Tsunamis are usually quite small when they are moving on the ocean, but as they near the shore, they will start growing and can reach 100 feet or more in height. A 200 foot tsunami
1. Read about tsunamis in a reputable encyclopedia, such as Encyclopedia Britannica. You can find encyclopedias online or at your local library, and they may contain information about
You can not prevent a tsunami because they are caused either by explosive eruptions or movements of the earths tectonic plates under the sea. The best man can do is take steps to
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Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes that occur under water. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to prevent a tsunami. The only thing we can do is limit the ...
Tsunami is a natural calamity that is very difficult to prevent from occurring. The only thing that human beings can do is to protect themselves from this calamity ...
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