Can Turkeys Drown in the Rain?


While turkeys have monocular vision and are able to look skywards for up to 30 seconds at a time, scientists say that the myth that turkeys will drown should they look up during a rainstorm is exactly that.

According to scientists, the worst that could happen if a turkey looked up during a rainstorm would be that the turkey would lose focus on the raindrops themselves. There would be no turkeys harmed at all.
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A turkey can drown when it is raining by looking
Answer No, no, no. If someone told you that turkeys drown if they look up when it rains, don't fall for it. Answer This person who answered the question is absolutely right, I once
That is an old story that wasn't true when first told and is still not true. Another old wives tale is that turkeys are stupid. The tame ones are, but wild turkeys are among the smartest
By getting its beak stuck in the mud. C. By hiding it’s head between its legs.
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