Can Turtles Breathe through Their Butts?


Turtles normally breathe through their lungs. But some turtles also have an opening at the base of their tail called a cloaca. The cloaca may allow oxygen to pass to the turtle while submerged. You can find more information here:
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Cloacal respiration is best established in pleurodires. Some soft-shelled turtles have also been "accused" of cloacal respiration. Much more work needs to be done in this
A turtle
Many turtles can breathe through the linings of the mouth, throat, an internal
Turtles breathe on their butts as air is absorbed through the cloaca, a vent. It's also way they fart.
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Turtles breath through lungs and aquatic turtles, breath through their permeable skin. Some species have modified their cloaca to increase the area of gas exchange ...
Turtles do need oxygen while underwater but they do not breath through their lungs. Some turtles absorb oxygen through gills on their mouth and other turtles have ...
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