Can turtles breathe underwater?


Turtles do need oxygen while underwater but they do not breath through their lungs. Some turtles absorb oxygen through gills on their mouth and other turtles have skin on their necks that allow for them to receive oxygen.
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I'm pretty sure they can breathe for several hours underwater or at least mine does. Indefinitely. Turtles are true amphibians. They come to land to lay eggs and to sun themselves
In controlled tests, turtles have lived in nitrogen environments
There is no information available on how long box turtle can hold their breath underwater. There are ways that turtles can take in oxygen while in water.
Good coverage of this question in HowStuffWorks: Q: If water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, why can't we breathe underwater? A: The reason we cannot breathe liquid water is because
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Most turtles cannot breathe underwater, but they can hold their breath for a really long time. However, it is reported that some species of aquatic turtles can breath underwater using their bottoms like gills.
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