Can Twins Have Different Dads?


Twins can have different fathers. There are two scenarios when the paternity of twins is in question, which depends on whether the twins are fraternal or identical. Identical twins will always have the same father as they have the same DNA.
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There are three types of twins. Fraternal, identical and conjoined are the types of twins. Fraternal is where they do not look alike, identical means they look alike and conjoined
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Twins are the result of multiple eggs being fertilized (fraternal) or an egg splitting into two or more (identical) So, it is the mom who determines if it is twins or not. Having
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The different types of twins include fraternal and identical twins. Fraternal twins are when they are formed from two separate eggs. Identical twins are formed ...
When twins are born from two different fathers it is called superfecundation. Just as fraternal twins are born when a woman ovulates two different eggs simultaneously ...
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