Can twins have different fathers?


Although it may seem strange, it is possible for twins to have different fathers. When twins have different fathers, they are known as “bipaternal” fraternal twins.

Typically, a woman will ovulate a single egg at a time. However, there are occasions where a woman may ovulate two eggs within the same cycle. Fertilization of multiple eggs does not necessarily occur during one single act of intercourse. When both eggs are fertilized by the same male, even if the eggs are fertilized at different times, the resulting twins are considered fraternal. When each egg is fertilized by a separate male, bipaternal fraternal twins occur.

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To increase your chances of having twins, you can do IVF, wait until you are older, eat a lot of soy, conceive while you are on the pill, or just get plain lucky.
Fraternal twins can have two different fathers when two different
Your body released two eggs that were fertilized by sperm from two different men.
like those people said. they can have the same mother and different father. BUT in the case of this show. tia and tamara were born to the same mom and dad, and put up for adoption
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