Can Two Blue Eyed Parents Have a Brown Eyed Baby?


The laws of genetics say that eye colour is inherited as follows: If both the parents have blue eyes, the kids will have blue eyes. Therefore, it is not possible for two blue eyed parents to give birth to a brown eyed child.
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There is a 1 chance in 4 that two brown-eye parents will have a blue-eyec child, if. both parents have the Bb gene. There are other factors involved that would allow for two brown-eyed
The odds are fairly low, as brown eyes are a dominant gene. However, human genetics is pretty complicated, so it is indeed possible. Please note the SOURCE below, which confirms this
Children can have different eye
"Contrary to what many of us are taught in school, eye color is not a simple genetic trait. Multiple genes and multiple variants of these genes interact to determine eye color.
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Yes, brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed child. However, two blue eyed parents almost never conceive a brown eyed child. Both parents' genetics play ...
The odds of having a blue eyed baby will depend on the person's genes. A couple where both have brown eyes can result in a child with blue eyes at times. The dominant ...
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