Can Two Computers Have the Same IP Address?


Two computers can accidentally have the same IP address. This problem, though very uncommon, can occur If two computers are assigned the same static IP addresses. The problem can also occur if you have numerous network adapters, making it is possible for the network to have an IP address conflict with itself.
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1. Obtain a crossover cable, switch or hub. If a crossover cable is used, keep in mind that a crossover cable differs from a standard Ethernet cable, and the two should not be confused
windows will flash up and tell you there is a conflict.
each PC will have its own IP address (such as, and but the router and modem will have its own IP address for the outside world, as assigned by your ISP
1. Go to your start menu and find 'Run' Ad. 2. Inside the box, type the letters 'cmd' 3. Command prompt should open and be waiting for input. 4. Type 'ipconfig' and press enter. 5
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