Can two equipotential lines cross?


Two equipotential lines cannot cross. These lines are perpendicular to the electric force, and the electric force at a point in space can only point in one direction. Equipotential lines can be considered to be similar to the contour lines on a map, which also never cross.

Another way in which the equipotential lines are similar to contour lines on a map is when considering work done by a force. An object traveling along an altitude contour line would not have to do work against the force of gravity. Similarly, equipotential lines are perpendicular to the electric force, so charges that travel along the equipotential line do not need to do any work against the electric force.

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Equipotential lines are always perpendicular to the electric field and thus't-equipoten...
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If i understand your question, it's because a equipotential line is the line where voltage (for example) constant. A line with voltage = 2, can't cross a line with voltage = 3. If
You will need a compass, A mathemetical tool used to determine distance in degrees. These can be purchased at any store that carries school supplies. Two lines that are perpendicular
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No, two equipotential lines can not cross each other. If they did then there would potentially be two values of electric potential at the point where they intersect ...
No, it is not possible for equipotential lines to cross. This is because equipotential lines are lines are lines made by joining points which have constant voltage ...
Equipotential lines cannot cross because these lines are the single voltage lines. In physics, lines that have different potentials can never cross. This would ...
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