Can Two Female Dogs Live Together?


Two female dogs can live together. If a second female dog is added after one female is established, the two dogs will need to be watched. The older canine will want to be the dominant female, and there may be fighting until they work out their differences.
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1. Find out why the dogs are acting aggressively with each other. Aggression is caused by a need for dominance, to claim territory, or out of fear or anxiety about something that
A dominant dog knows what they wants, and sets out to get it, any way they can. They got charm, and lots of it. When that doesn't work, they got persistence with a capital "P
You may need to keep them separated. Sometimes two dogs will not like each other and there may not be a lot you can do about it. You could try to have them together on leash so if
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Two female dogs can live together but there is a possibility that they might constantly fight or attack each other. Living together might impair a dog's working ability due to these conflicts. This is the reason why most dog professionals don't keep dogs of the same sex together except perhaps for short duration.
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