Can two female hamsters live in the same cage?


Some species of hamsters can live on the same cage. The Syrian hamsters prefer to live as individuals and are very territorial. However, dwarf hamsters are communal and do live together especially if they are siblings and have lived together since birth.
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all breeds can but when you buy them ask the worker if there brothers or sisters but male+ females don't go good unless they're bro and sis
It depends on how big the cage is and the hamsters sex. If the cage is made for only around one or two hamsters then only put two together, if you want to make it possible for five,
Robos are so cute...I used to work in a pet store and I watched them all the time. There were several in the cage, and it wasn't that large of a cage. I don't know about the sex of
You may not see any blood because before the store opens they go in there and make sure there aren't any dead hamsters. From experience they kill each other and almost every other
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