Can two female hamsters live in the same cage?


Some species of hamsters can live on the same cage. The Syrian hamsters prefer to live as individuals and are very territorial. However, dwarf hamsters are communal and do live together especially if they are siblings and have lived together since birth.
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Hamsters are very territorial. Make sure your cage is big enough for them to have their own territory. Try to separate your hamsters in another cage. You can also get a cage divider
Normally no, hamsters do not recognize paternity(or care to) The "father" will see them as a threat and most likely try to fight them since they are on "his territory
Hi! Congratulations on your new addition! I would suggest that you gradually increase the lengths of their playtimes so that they can get used to each other for a few days. If everything
You could visit or and get a cage divider. They are like $5.99.
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