Can Two Hamsters Live Together?


Two hamsters can live together but it depends on the type of hamster, if you want to have Winter White Siberian, or Campbell dwarf Russian hamsters the answer is yes. But if you have a Syrian hamster, frequently called the 'Teddy Bear Hamster', then it is impossible. Syrian hamsters are solitary and one may kill the other.
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An unusually healthy hamster may survive to twice the average life expectancy: five to six years. Some domestic hamster strains, including popular breeds like the "teddy bear
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Syrian hamsters usually live for three years. Siberian and Campbells usually live for two years and some dwarf hamsters like the Roborovski live for three years. ...
The Russian (Siberian) hamsters live for around two years. Other species like the Syrian's (teddy bear hamster) usually live about three years while the Roborovski ...
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