Can Two Male Dogs Live Together?


It is possible for two male dogs to live together but it depends on things such as age and breed. Some signs of aggression from one of the dogs may be observed. This is because dogs are territorial and sometimes dominant.
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1. Be assertive and establish yourself as the leader of the dog pack. In this manner you establish the pack rank and the dogs will be your followers. 2. Feed your dogs according to
you can't put to malebettas in the same tank together because they are Territorial fish and they will fight until one badly injured or dead. But you may be able to buy a divider for
I have two intact black male labradors, and not only do they sleep together and play together, they also get along well with our four cats.
This wouldn't be Quora if I just answered the question... I'll get to that in a minute. I notice you say "He is a big eater. I cook. I clean-up...most always" - that sounds
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