Can Two Male Hamsters Live Together?


Two male hamsters can easily live together but they have to put in one cage when they are still young. In addition, there should be no female hamster in that cage. However, if they start fighting, they should be separated.
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They'll fight, and keep fighting until one of them
1. Pick the right animal combination. A female and male cat typically will accept each other better than two males, according to the ASPCA. The cats should be similar in activity
They will never be able to live together. Hamsters are solitary animals. The only chance they have of living together is if they are related and have been together since birth, though
This wouldn't be Quora if I just answered the question... I'll get to that in a minute. I notice you say "He is a big eater. I cook. I clean-up...most always" - that sounds
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Males need to be separated from females after they are 3 weeks old, but males can reside together at this point. Adult hamsters should live alone. Each hamster ...
Two hamsters can live together but it depends on the type of hamster, if you want to have Winter White Siberian, or Campbell dwarf Russian hamsters the answer ...
Female hamsters can live together only if they are introduced into each other early enough. However, female hamsters that have puppies must be kept in their own ...
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