Can You Eat Conkers?


No, you can't eat raw conkers as they contain poisons called saponins and aescin. These poisons can cause vomiting and paralysis when ingested. However, crushing and leaching them with water or slow cooking them can make them edible, but with starch as the only nutrient.
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Squirrels are one animal - they chew off the hard outer casing to get at the seed inside.
I'm in SE London an believe it or there is a huge colony of wild parakeets that live somewhere close to Eltham palace, and it was only last week that I actually took the time to sit
in side every conker is a little string worm. that eats the middle out of conkers. so you can thread a string to swing . wham-o.
Not a medical advice: Conkers are not easily edible, as they contain poisonous saponins, along with aescin, which can cause vomiting and paralysis.
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Conkers, also known as horse chestnut, are not edible because they are potentially toxic if swallowed. However, under professional supervision it can be ingested ...
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