Can U Tell the Difference between Male and Female Urine in a Drugs Test?


It has proven to be so easy to detect between man and female urine in a drug test. The 'test' for determining the sex of urine is real easy: cap the bottle and shake it for about ten seconds. Male urine develops foam on top. Female urine does not. Age can not be tested using urine. But for pregnant women test could confirm that she is pregnant or no also urine could confirm for diseases of pregnant women new tests for preeclampsia in pregnant women. Warning signs of preeclampsia, a complication of pregnancy that often forces a premature delivery, are revealed through blood tests.
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Not medical advice: Technically it's. possible. for a drug testing lab to run a DNA test to determine from which gender the sample was taken, however this kind of check is not done
Not medical advice; No, urine test cannot detect the age.
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