Can U Unlock an iPhone 3gs US to UK?


You can unlock an iphone 3gs us to uk. Unlike the original iPhone, which could be bought anywhere and then unlocked, a new requirement from both AT&T in America and O2 in the UK means you're going to have to sign up to a contract before you can take it home. This means that even if you do unlock the 3G iPhone, you'll have to pay a monthly contract anyway.
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E-bay maybe your best shot. Embed Quote
check the smart jailbreak guide for iphone 3gs: Http://
no.. i want valid unlocked phone
You can check the site listed in the source, they have some. Source(s):…
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An iPhone 3GS can be unlocked (understood as allowing it to revive signals form all SIM card. ...
The only way to unlock an iPhone 3G is to download jail breaking software. Once you do that you can use Cydia to unlock the phone. To see the full instructions ...
1. Jailbreak your iPhone 3G using a program such as Redsn0w or QuickPwn. This allows you to run applications on your iPhone that have not been approved by Apple. ...
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