Can Urinary Tract Infection Make Your Period Late?


Normally, a urinary tract infection will not make your period late. However, if the urinary tract infection has progressed into a kidney infection or if the urinary tract infection is causing you to be stressed out, then your period could be delayed.
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A UTI is most commonly a bacterial infection of any part of the urinary tract, including the urethra, bladder or kidneys. Bacteria cause a urinary tract infection by entering through
It's bladder infection. It burns when you pee. It can cause back pain and stomach pain, and sometimes cause you to bleed.
1. Take showers, not baths. Especially for women, lying in a bathtub can make the urethra susceptible to infection, since it's easy for water and bath products to enter the body.
( ′yu̇r·ə′ner·ē ′trakt in′fek·shən ) (medicine) An inflammatory process occurring in the kidney, ureter, bladder,
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There are many reasons a woman may miss her period. If pregnancy has been ruled out, then your period may be late because of stress and anxiety, excessive weight loss or gain, contraceptives, breast feeding, eating disorders, rigorous exercise, medication, hormonal imbalance, problems with your thyroid or uterine scarring. For more information, please visit: .
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The presence of blood in the urine indicates a bladder or urinary tract infection or even exercise. This condition is technically known as hematuria and sometimes ...
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