Can Vegans Eat Pasta?


Vegans can eat pasta. Vegans are prohibited from eating anything that comes from an animal. Pastas made from whole grain products, such as spaghetti, and macaroni made from whole wheat, corn, spinach, artichokes, or soy flours can be eaten by vegans.
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Vegans only eat food that comes from the earth. They do not eat anything that has come from an animal or that is mixed with something that came from an animal.
Vegans endeavor not to use or consume animal products of any kind. If
All of them, unless they are allergic to some vegetables, or can't because of their religious beliefs. Some eastern religions forbid the eating of garlic, onion. chives. and chillies
I would like to speculate a guess here but it may seem silly so correct me if I am totally off. With many carbs I find that they expand a lot more after eating them. Say, bread and
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Vegans are not allowed to eat anything which is taken from animals such as meat. However, they can eat can eat potatoes, corn, soy milk, beans, fresh vegetables, ...
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