Can Vegetarians Eat Chicken?


Vegetarians do not eat any type of meat. Their main diet includes: fruits, vegetables, dried beans, peas, seeds and nuts. A vegan does not eat any meat and animal products. A lacto vegetarian's diet includes plant foods and dairy products.
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Strictly if you are a vegetarian you should not eat any animal flesh at all and if you are a vegan you go further and do not eat or use any animal derived products (eggs, milk, leather
Vegetarians restrict themselves only of animal products. There are several types of vegetarians, those that choose to cut out the meat portion of their diet to those that eat no animal
Semi-vegetarians don't eat red meat but include chicken and fish with
1. Make some okara, which is Japanese for "noble pulp" This bland, high-protein, mash is left over from the process of making soy milk. To do this, soak dried soybeans in
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Vegetarians abstain from eating chicken as well as other animal flesh. However, some consume products that come from the animals such as dairy and eggs. Vegetarians ...
Vegetarians do not eat chicken but unlike vegans, they choose to eat products that come from the animals such as dairy and eggs. They generally refrain from eating ...
Vegetarians do not eat hamburgers, pork chops, chicken wings and turkey meat. They do not also eat: salmon fish, shell fish, milk, yoghurt, cheese, gummy candies ...
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