Can Vinegar Clean Toilet Bowl Stains?


Vinegar not only cleans toilet bowel stains, it also sanitizes surfaces. However, white vinegar is recommended because it works naturally, safely and effectively providing you with a clean toilet. It is also advisable to use it as a full-strength solution for best results.
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1. To quickly clean the toilet bowl, pour 3 cups of distilled white vinegar into the toilet. Close the lid and let sit for 30 minutes or until the next flush. Flush the toilet and
the wife's toothbrush.
Fill a small balloon with water and ease it into place.
Empty out the toilet bowl water so that the level of the water is below the stained ring. To do this use a bucket and scoop out the water or turn off the water behind the toilet then
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Can Vinegar Clean Toilet Bowl Stains?
Vinegar does not just clean, it also sanitizes surfaces, meaning it eradicates germs. White vinegar works naturally, safely, and effectively, providing you with a clean home without the use of possibly harmful chemicals.... More »
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Yes Vinegar is a great way to clean toilet bowl stains, let it sit for a while then scrub with a toilet scrubber! Also, there are a variety of toilet bowl cleaners at your local stores. You can find more info at:
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To clean a badly stained toilet bowl, you should first clean the toilet well. Next, gently rub fine grit wet/dry sandpaper where stains are most visible and rinse ...
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