Can Vodafone Trace Pictures Messages?


Vodafone can send and receive picture messages. However, the user must enable the service before using it.
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Once you have logged on to your computer , click on your web browser and go to Locate and click on the "Help" tab in the navigation menu in the upper
If you send a picture message (UK) - it will cost you 37p per message unless you have a bundle. You will find full details of your charges in the Pay Monthly Price Plan Guide. http:
In the UK it costs 36p to send a picture message on Vodafone this is a BIG cost issue and is the ONLY let down the the Vodafone network they are the BEST network for signals and have
Sending a text message internationally with Vodafone costs 49p from abroad. Picture messaging costs 36p plus a variable charge depending on size of data
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From my knowledge it is possible for pictures to be traced if they are sent through text messages. If you are sending text messages through a phone the number ...
The extra cost of sending picture message when one is on a contract depends on the network. For example Vodafone does not charge any extra cost, the cost is dependent ...
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