Can we live on Jupiter?


We cannot live on Jupiter because it is a violent planet that has really severe storms and no solid surface. In addition, it is very cold on Jupiter and human beings and animals can hardly survive there.
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because is to far away from the sun and we would freeze and we cant live with the gases.'t_we_live_on_Jup...
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Of course it will be possible to live on Jupiter someday. But there are a number of obstacles to overcome. The temperatures are quite drastic. Freezing cloud tops dominate the upper
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No, we can not live on Jupiter. Jupiter's atmosphere is all gas. Not only would you not be able to breath on Jupiter, you wouldn't be able to stand on it either because it's doesn't have a solid surface.
It would be impossible to live on Jupiter. One reason is that it has not solid surface. If you tried to stand on the surface you would be pulled down into the planet.
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