Can We Live on Mars?


Living on Mars would not be simple for humans. It is poorly suited for human habitation as there is some ice at the poles and maybe some water in underground. Gravity on Mars is only 38 percent as strong as on Earth and the atmosphere is thin consisting mostly of carbon dioxide.
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We can, it just takes to long to get there. There is no free oxygen, the atmospheric pressure is too low. Water is not freely available. Without huge technical support it would be't_we_live_on_mar...
The planet Mercury is a planet of extremes: the closest to the Sun, traveling fastest,
As. Riley Patterson. mentioned in the comments, I found a blog[1] from the. Washington Post. that contains some useful information on what to expect: NASA’s coverage of the
we could live on mobile bases sent to mars, but only for research by astronauts. with the fact that there are powerful dust storms and tornadoes that will sweep over the surface occasionally
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We cannot even get humans to Mars right now. We certainly could build structure to live in side of on the Mars surface if we wanted to, but we would not be able to go out side without space suits. In theory, we might also be able to actually transform Mars into a planet with a atmosphere, but we are not even close to thinking about doing that yet. You can find more information here:
We can not live on mars right now, but it would be the easiest planet for us to covert into a place where we can live. We have a long way to go technologically speaking before we can make even a small colony of humans possible on mars.
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