Can we predict earthquakes?


Currently, scientists cannot predict earthquakes but can predict where it is most likely to occur or hit. The probability of future earthquakes can be however calculated based on scientific data.
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Predicting earthquakes is not an easy task nor an exact science as of today. There has been some progress made in the prediction of earthquakes by observing the earth's clues that
In fact we can not predict typhoons and hurricanes. accurately. there is still a lot of uncertainty in those predictions caused by random variations in air flows on a scale that is
when the tectonic plates start to move and when volcanoes start to make the sea rough.
Because of their devastating potential, there is great interest in predicting the location and time of large earthquakes. Although a great deal is known about where earthquakes are
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Scientists cannot predict the exact occurrence of an individual earthquake, however they can estimate the probability of a major future earthquake.
There is no way that we can predict an earthquake. But, scientist can inform the public about the magnitude of an earthquake by using the Richter scale.
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Many different instruments can be used to predict earthquakes. Creepmeters are used to measure horizontal movement along a fault line, and strain meters can detect ...
Scientists predict tsunamis with the seismometer in both the United States and Japan. When the seismometer detects a large, shallow earthquake under the ocean ...
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