Can wild turkeys fly?


According to the National Wild Turkey Federation, wild turkeys can fly swiftly, with a maximum speed of 55 miles per hour. Turkeys make use of this ability daily, as they prefer to roost at night, hidden high in the tree branches, as a precaution against predators.

Turkeys also actively use flight when being pursued by predators. Male turkeys tend to run when being chased, while females prefer to take flight. A turkey's top speed on foot is only 25 miles per hour, faster than most human athletes but merely half of a turkey's top flight speed. Although they are swift fliers, turkeys spend the majority of their time on the ground, grazing.

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A wild turkey can fly up to 55 miles per hour if he has to. The only reason he would have to is if Thanksgiving is right around the corner!You can find more information here:
Turkeys can't fly.
Wild Turkeys are fantastic fliers for short distances. They can fly almost straight
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Wild Turkeys can fly. Domestic turkeys are usually flightless.
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Wild turkeys can fly at speeds of 55 miles per hour. Though the birds are very fast in the air, they can only fly at these speeds for a very short amount of time.Wild ...
Wild turkeys are able to fly for short distances, but domesticated turkeys cannot. A wild turkey will usually only fly for about 100 feet at the most and prefers ...
A turkey can fly at a speed of 50-55 mph and they can run up to 20 miles per hour. However, this applies to wild turkeys. The domestic turkeys we eat at Thanksgiving ...
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