Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Dizziness?


Wisdom teeth can cause dizziness to some people depending on their gums. If your gums are alright, your wisdom teeth will grow without any pain, headache or dizziness. Wisdom teeth are those teeth that come out when someone is between 19 to 21 years.
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It was earlier believed the late mandibular crowding (overlapping of lower front teeth) was due to the eruption of the wisdom teeth, this notion has been proved wrong. In a study,
Wisdom teeth usually begin to grow in around 16 to 25 years of age, each person is
Because usually, they put you under with the anistesia(sorry about the spelling - the stuff that makes you fall asleep! and when you wake up from that stuff, it takes a little while
Unfortunately, few people have enough room in their mouths for the wisdom teeth to come in. The majority of people have their wisdom teeth removed around the time they start to erupt
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If your jaw is not big enough to make room for your wisdom teeth, they may get stuck ( impacted ) in your jaw and not be able to break through your gums. An impacted ...
Supernumerary wisdom teeth are teeth caused by a developmental abnormality. These teeth form alongside the normal teeth rows and they lead to crowding and cause ...
Oral pain can be caused by a number of things, one of the being wisdom teeth pain. Wisdom teeth grow in the very back of your mouth, behind the molars.There is ...
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