Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Sore Throat?


Yes, wisdom teeth can cause a sore throat. They can also cause a severe earache and other problems. It is important to go to a dentist if these teeth are giving the person any problem.
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I believe you can get neck pains due to infected/misplaced wisdom teeth. My older sister found out her wisdom teeth were infected when the back of her neck became really sore. She
A sore throat can be caused by a number of viruses, bacteria or external allergen or inhaled irritant like smoke. If your sore throat is accompanied by a fever you should call your
The most frequently occurring viral conditions that cause sore throat are cold, flu and mononucleosis. Common colds can be caused by a number of viruses. Besides sore throat, symptoms
Periodontal (gum) and bone infections or inflammation from wisdom teeth
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Chewing leaves of guava tree will also provide relief from pain. ...
If your jaw is not big enough to make room for your wisdom teeth, they may get stuck ( impacted ) in your jaw and not be able to break through your gums. An impacted ...
A sore throat is used to refer to a common physical symptom that is normally caused by throat inflammation, bacterial or viral infection. The main symptoms of ...
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