Can You Be Allergic to Caffeine?


It is possible to have allergic reactions because of coffee. A caffeine allergic reaction can resemble severe mental disorder. This is because one experiences loss of focus, delusions, loss of judgment and intellectual deterioration.
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If you are allergic to caffeine you could break into hives or go in...
Because God hates you. But seriously... How long have you been allergic? Was it a recent transition, or was it developed at a very young
If anything, I would say check with your doctor if you may or may not have any allergies. Conduct a few experiments. Have a small cup of coffee or chocolate or pepsi. All with different
It's Monday morning, and all you want to do is sleep in. You know you can't, so as you trudge through your morning routine, you head to the kitchen for your little helper. Whether
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Caffeine sensitivity is an issue with some groups of people. This sensitivity can be an allergic reaction that a person has had since birth. Sometimes caffeine ...
Caffeine might give you a headache because you are allergic to caffeine. It might also cause your head to hurt because caffeine tends to dilate blood vessels. ...
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