Can You Break Your Knee?


There are a number of things that can lead to the breakage of your knee. For instance, it can be caused by a direct blow to the front of your knee from sports or a car accident. You can also break your knee from sports. Symptoms associated with knee breakage are severe pain in and in the region of the kneecap, swelling and pain when one is moving the knee in both directions.
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1. Wear the boots inside of your home before heading out in them. This will allow you to get comfortable and familiar with the feel of the boots when walking. Walk around in various
You could fall or something hit it really hard. It is not impossible to break your knee cap, but doing it is really painful and hard.
You can break your knee many ways most of which include heavy pressure to your ankle, shin,
Fall down the stairs? Bang it onto a door? Throw something heavy on it? But I wouldn't do it if I were you lool <3 xoxo
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