Can You Breed Brother and Sister Puppies?


You can breed sibling puppies though this might result in deformed puppies due to inbreeding. Initially when new dog breeding lines were being created, there was plenty of inbreeding that was being carried out though this is no longer the case.
Q&A Related to "Can You Breed Brother and Sister Puppies?"
No its not a good idea. Any genetic problems would be increased and you could have pups with deformities.
Unless all the ancestors in the two pups four or five generation pedigree have had all their genetic testing; have been shown in breed and performance events to prove their temperament
I know a guy that has bred over 10 dachshunds: brothers, sisters, c...
Hi, with shepherds there are tons of disadvantages to inbreeding brothers & sisters. Basically what happens is you are combining genes that have already been combined. A good
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