Can you bring wine on an airplane?


Wine can be purchased once inside the airport and then carried on the plane. No container of liquid more than 3 ounces, including wine bottles, can be brought through security checkpoints at U.S. airports.

Airports have duty-free shops that are past their security checkpoints. Liquids of many kinds can be purchased at huge shops that are often busy due to their tax free status and large choice of inventory. Many other items are available, too, and are often country or region specific, making the duty-free shops good places to get a last-minute gift on the way home.

Since bottles of wine are larger than 3 ounces, they must be packed in checked bags only that are stowed in the plane's baggage compartment. If wine or other liquids have been purchased before you get to the airport, pack them in checked baggage. Pad them carefully to avoid accidental breakages.

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