Can You Buy Boost Mobile Phone in One State with a Phone Number from Another State?


From my knowledge you can buy Boost Mobile phone in one state with a phone number from another state. When you buy the boost phone you could tell the representative that you would like to keep your old number. If you don't have a number from a different state then you may not be able to get a number from a different state.
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Boost mobile does allow for a number to be issued from another state as long as the phone is being used in that state. Radio Shack has the ability to help wit the number access.
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i have forgot my 4 number pin can i have it sent to my email address.
The number for Virgin Moble USA is 1-888-322-1122.
I like, though depending on how common the name is, you might have a hard time sorting out the right person from all the ones in the state.
(814) 441-1047
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Yes, cell phones can be used in a different state than the one they were bought as long as the carrier has towers and service in that state. Most cell phones ...
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