Can You Buy Nystatin over the Counter?


Nystatin is a polyene antimycotic drug to which Candida spp. are sensitive. Nystatin is not absorbed from intact skin or mucous membranes and is considered a 'clean' drug as it has no proven side effects. The uses include: Cutaneous, vaginal, mucosal and oesophageal Candida infections can be treated with nystatin. Cryptococcus is also sensitive to nystatin. In the UK its license for treating neonatal oral thrush is restricted to those over the age of one month.
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1 Aug 2009 There is nothing you can buy over-the-counter that will work as well as the nystatin/triamcinolone.
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1. Accept that OTC medication is likely to only treat the symptoms of psoriasis. The NPF says these ointments are just for mild psoriasis, usually plaque psoriasis on the knees or
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