Can You Cash a Check If the IRS Has a Lien on Your Account?


You can't cash a bank account check if the IRS has a lien on your banking account. The account will be locked so you can not do that. You can cash a payroll check but know that the IRS will take some of that check.
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The IRS does anything they feel like, as many times as they like. It was a major reason I moved to Canada.
If you owe the IRS back taxes, it takes enforcement action against you. That enforcement action could take a variety of forms. A lien is a process whereby the IRS secures its interest
In NY, we have check cashing places that charge about 5% For $6000, that would be about $300. Why not open a bank account? It takes a few minutes.
It depends on where your location is and how much your tax return. Some check
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