Can you claim a Carer's Allowance for a child?


Carer's Allowance is a payment to people living in Ireland who are looking after someone who is in need of support because of age, physical or learning disability or illness, including mental illness. The Carer's Allowance is not payable to everyone, it is mainly aimed at carers on low incomes who live with and look after certain people who need full-time care and attention. You may not get carers allowance for a child.
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You need, or someone on your behalf needs, to complete a claim form. To get a claim form: Contact the Carer's Allowance Unit (details below). Download one from GOV.UK (details below
Minimum Filing Requirements. Whether you run a day-care center from your home and care for multiple children or baby-sit one grandchild for pay, you must report your earnings from
All of the rules for you and the child have to be met that would allow you to be able to claim an individual as a qualifying child (QC) dependent on your income tax form. For all
Because carers allowance is for "the carer" not "the carer of". it is based on factors the carer has to do for the other person, or in your case people, and i
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