Can You Color Your Hair after Bleaching It?


It is possible to dye your hair after it has been bleached, but the results habitually depend on how healthy the hair is and what the new colour is. Bleaching is of use when you want to go from a darker hair colour to a much lighter one.
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1. Choose a shade that "meshes" with your bleached hair's current hue. If your bleached hair has a reddish, gold or orange-like cast or undertones, choose a boxed color
You need to lighten it gradually otherwise it will come out
It depends on what colour you want to bleach itMy tips might be more helpful. First color does not "bleach". However several companies make hi-lift color series. For instance
Hair is healthier when you leave it the way it is. I'm sure the color or hair colors that God gave u are beautiful :) And it will fade eventually yes but bleach damages hair and coloring
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After you have bleached your hair you are better waiting at least 7 days before using hair dye and coloring your hair. If you go to the salon they will use special ...
To darken bleached hair you need to apply hair color after it is bleached. Allow the bleach job to settle for a week or two before adding any dye. This can be ...
1. Choose a hair dye. Pay special note to the base color of the dye and make sure it matches the base color of the bleach, which is yellow. If you choose a hair ...
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