Can You Convert a Gas Dryer to Electric?


Consensus on this matter seems to be that you can, in fact, convert a gas dryer to electric, which is the good news. The bad news is that the cost of the conversion would far outweigh the cost of simply breaking down and purchasing a new electric dryer.
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1. Pull the power cord out of the outlet if it is plugged in. Turn off the gas supply if it is connected to the dryer. Disconnect the gas line from the dryer if there is a connection
So long as you already have the right plug and a dryer vent, this is a snap. Just switch out the dryers. If you do not have a vent or a good outlet, call an electrician.
Very carefully, of course. You need to calculate the power in watts in the gas, then get an electric heater with a blower that produces the same power. Since gas is cheaper than electricity
Really depends on where you live; electricity costs per kilowatt hour vary largely state to state. Overall though, a dryer uses something like 3% of typical household energy usage
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No, you cannot convert an electric dryer to a gas dryer. If you do not have a suitable electrical outlet for a dryer, it is more economical to get one installed ...
Yes, it is possible to convert your gas dryer to an electric one. However, as you go through the project youÕll notice that it is costing you more money ...
In order to have a gas dryer converted to electric you need to change the dryer's power supply. That is done by removing all gas energy supplies apparel from withing ...
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