Can You Die from a Rotten Tooth?


You cannot die from a rotten tooth but you can have some complication because of the rot. For instance, a rotten tooth can make you not to eat or drink anything and this takes a toll on your health. It is therefore advisable to go to the dentist once you notice the rot.
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It's a slow process that can take from a few months to a few years. But until that happens, there are height risks of having a painfull dental abscess.
1. Make an appointment with your dentist as soon as you feel any twinge of discomfort or sensitivity in the teeth. The longer you wait, the worse your tooth rot will get. 2. Discuss
The worst case scenario in rotten teeth, is where the carries reach the nervous
If you have another one then you know that you need to go back to the dentist and get it drilled and filled. Your dentistry is free under the NHS at this age so there is no reason
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hen tooth nerves die, the tooth will need to be replaced. This process can take a few months or a few years. Some dentists and dental schools can work out payment ...
A rotten tooth is caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay can be caused by sugars, plague, and exposed teeth areas. One way in which a tooth can become rotten is when ...
Rotten teeth can be caused by tooth decay. Teeth decay can be caused by sugars, plaque, and exposed teeth areas. Rotten teeth can caused foul odors, gum disease, ...
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