Can You Die from Drinking Rubbing Alcohol?


You can die from drinking rubbing alcohol. It is not the same as the alcohol meant for drinking. An overdose of can cause blindness and lead to death.
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Sex, super glued to a goat, intoxicated, stomach ulcers, liver damage, brain damage.
There are clearly cases where alcoholics have gone on to be able to drink normally. But that does not invalidate AA's approach. It has proven effective for many people. Many alcoholics
Yes! Get some rubbing alcohol or ethyl alcohol if
The nearest thing in the UK is surgical spirit, available from a chemist.
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If you are wondering what happens if you drink rubbing alcohol, do not do it. If it is consumed, seek emergency medical help. Dizziness, abdominal pain, nausea ...
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To make a homemade thermometer you will need a clear plastic bottle, tap water, rubbing alcohol, a clear drinking straw, red food coloring, modeling clay, a marker ...
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