Can You Die from Herpes?


Herpes can not cause death but they may play a part in the spread of HIV; the AIDS causing virus. Herpes can make patients more vulnerable to HIV infection, and it may make HIV-infected patients more infectious.
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Almost nobody dies from herpes or complications; it is not fatal.
You won't die from herpes and it won't make you infertile. You may have a
At least she is honest with you and sound like a good person. Herpes is NOT life threatening. It doesn't do any thing else to you accept cause painful sores once in a while. It's
Herpes is a common virus that does not often lead to fatal complications. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "Most individuals have no or only
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Can You Die From Herpes?
Herpes is not partial to gender. It affects millions of American adults who have learned to live with the disease. Though you cannot die from herpes infection, there are other important factors to consider.... More »
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