Can You Die from Lymphoma?


Lymphoma is a type of cancer that affects the lymphocytes and is categorized into two; Hodgkins Lymphoma and Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.
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yes you can i actually had stge 4 hodgkins lymphoma it was very bad but i beat it after only 8 months of treatment it can kill you if it goes untreated i had mine over a yr and didnt
With combination chemotherapy and CNS prophylaxis, the
The chances of dying are very slim I currently have hodgkins lymphoma and I am just avout to go threw my last round of chemo.your cousin with be fine lymphoma is the cancer you want
Through 2007, 442 (34 percent) patients had died, including 144 of 420 patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphomaThrough 2007, 442 (34 percent) patients MORE? report this answer.
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Lymphoma Complications
Because there are so many forms of lymphoma, and they may affect so many different lymph nodes, organs and tissues, potential complications are numerous. More »
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