Can You Dock a Puppies Tail at Home?


You can dock a puppies tail at home if you can maintain sterile conditions as docking is a surgical procedure. In addition to the sterile conditions you will need to have a qualified veterinarian on the scene if you are not one.
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You don't dock a puppys tail, it's illegal and cruel. And it's animal cruelty to remove its claws.
Puppies tails are so small when they are docked, the vet uses nail clippers. If docking is to happen (and the issue is VERY contentious) it should happen when the dog is two days
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Although you can dock a puppy's tail at home, it is preferable to take them to a vet to have the procedure done properly. If the tail is not docked properly the first time, they will have to endure additional stress to correct the tail. You can find more information here:
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