Can You Drink after Taking Plan B?


You can drink after taking Plan B, but there can be side effects. Plan B is not good for your liver and while it is slim there, is a chance that taking it then drinking could damage your liver. Plan B has side effects including dizziness, headaches, and nausea and drinking alcohol after taking it can make them worse.
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You should take it immediately for maximum effectiveness. However if you plan on having a second round in a few hours you should wait until then.
Drinking alcohol won't modify the efficiency of Plan B. However, you
When my period was late coming after Plan B, I read over lots of these forums. Here is what ended up happening for those seeking information! Note that I'm not a medical professional
u'll bleed sometimes. but it occurs especially if u take it b4 ovulation as the prgesterone in it forces u to shed the endometrium prematurely. Source(s) medical student.
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