Can You Drink Alcohol Just after Having Teeth Pulled Out?


It's important to keep your mouth as clean as possible so continue brushing your teeth after the extraction. If you had stitches during the procedure, you may need to go back to your dentist to have them removed. It is not advisable to drink alcohol just after having teeth pulled out.
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You can't until the tooth is fully healed/closed-up as alcohol can speed up circulation/blood flow and cause you to bleed more not to mention it can freshen up the wound. We all have
You are not supposed to take alcohol after the first 24 hours (beca...
Yes, six days is fine. If you still have any concerns you can use a straw and direct it towards the back of your mouth so that most should bypass the sockets. However, you should
Not MD advice: As long as you don't have dry sockets/any other complications at the time of drinking, you can start drinking alcohol 3-4 days after extraction. report this answer.
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