Can you drink alcohol while taking penicillin?


According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), there is no need to avoid alcohol consumption when taking most antibiotics, including penicillin. Alcohol neither stops the majority of antibiotics from working correctly nor causes side effects.

According to the BBC, the belief that alcohol interacts negatively with antibiotics is widespread but unsubstantiated. This medical myth is so popular that a poll of 300 patients revealed that 81 percent believed alcohol interferes with antibiotics, and 71 percent believed that the interaction causes side effects. The myth is not without harm. Doctors believe that patients may skip medication when they intend to drink and miss an important dose of their antibiotics. Some antibiotics do react badly to alcohol, however, including cephalosoporin cefotetan, metronidazole, tinidazole, erythromycin and linezolid.

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Nothing much, but talk to your psychiatrist. I have been taking lithium for 2 years and sometimes drink in moderation. I have not noticed any extra effects from the lithium or the
Not Medical Advice: Contrary to popular belief, you can drink alcohol while taking penicillin. There is no interaction of alcohol with penicillins. report this answer. Answered by
My previous answer was wrong, so I got rid of it. You should be okay to drink, though take it easy. Here's a link that talks about antibiotics and alcohol:
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