Can You Drink Rain Water?


It is safe to drink rain water but you should have a viable and clean method of collecting it. You should also clean the rainwater before you can drink it because it may contain bacteria, algae and/or pollutants such as car exhaust.
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Rainwater can be a good source of drinking water if necessary. You must have a viable and clean method of collecting enough rainwater to drink. Cleaning rainwater may be necessary
it doesnt obviously research the water cycle - the water gets evaporated into the clouds which then make condensation and goes into precipitation (which comes down onto earth as rain
1. Collect run-off water in rain barrels, or even large polyethylene, wood or fiberglass tanks. Rain barrels are containers that can be bought at your local hardware or home improvement
People who think about drinking rainwater have a good
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Some of the advantages of rain fall are: rain water, when tapped, can be used in lawn irrigation, domestic consumption such as drinking water and washing. The ...
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Rain water harvesting is the method of collecting rain water from roofs and catchments areas and then storing it in cistern in order to save it for future use. ...
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