Can You Drink Salt Water?


You should not drink salt water. It will cause your body to rapidly dehydrate and you would eventually die. If you were stranded on a raft on the ocean, you would be surrounded by water but still have nothing to drink. Ironic, but true.
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Can You Drink Salt Water?
People consume salt every day. Salt is found in many processed foods, as well as naturally in some foods. Salt is often added to soups and stews, and in moderation is okay to use and even drink. In fact, drinking a small amount of sea salt can be... More »
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1. Begin with a chemical, over-the-counter laxative medicine if you want to add a boost to the sea salt mixture. If you decide to use a laxative for a preliminary bowel cleansing,
Salt water is salty because there is actually salt dissolved in the water. The amount of salt in the water is referred to as the salinity of the water.
one contains salt.
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Drinking salt water will dehydrate you and in large amounts can lead to death. But it is safe in small amounts, being that salt is (somewhat) good for the body. ...
The reason why drinking salt water will kill you is that your kidneys are not capable of removing the amount of excess salt that is contained in salt water. It ...
The human body consumes and needs fresh water daily. The reason why we can't drink salt water in large amounts, is because our kidneys can't function or filter ...
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