Can You Drink Too Much Tea?


Too much tea can be risky since it has been found that tea increases the oxalate levels in the urine, which are one of the common types of kidney stones. There are fears among some health care experts that drinking tea can raise the risk of stone development.
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You will reach a hypotonic state in which too much h20 is in your system causing a salt imbalance and other toxic problems from the kind of tea you are drinking.
Red tea is not made from the same plant as black tea and has a different chemical makeup. Rooibos tea has no caffeine and much less tannin, which can inhibit the absorption of iron.
1. Pour yourself some tea. Choose your favorite type. There is camomile, green, oolong, earl gray, and many other flavors of tea. If it is night, drink only tea without caffeine.
"The way I see it, it's just a hot drink and not caffeine." That
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